The Taylor 110CE Guitar is a high quality, beginner level guitar, which falls in the affordable range of price, and yet manages to deliver to its player excellent craftsmanship and selected wood materials that are characteristic of high end guitars in the market. The specific model comes with an eye-catching design that is bound to make some heads turn. Also, the tone it is known for is soft-crisp, something that is very delightful to the ears.  This guitar is surely something one would not want to miss, if one plans to venture into the field of instrumentals. To get more information about this amazing product, read the review that follows, which attempts to highlight some of its main features:

  1. Materials

The materials employed for the manufacturing of this particular edition of guitars are highly distinguished and very elite as well. The top is made using solid Sitka spruce, which helps the model produce better and brighter response, and higher projection sound velocity. The back and sides, on the other hand, are made using laminated sapele, which is a rare wood, found only in higher end guitars.

Most of the time, companies can either boast of using either high quality tonewood or sapele. Having both of these things together in one model was previously unheard of, but not anymore, since Taylor 110CE Guitar feature both of these. The advantages this yields are innumerable. However, the most evident ones are that sapele allows the guitars to be considerably more durable due to its ability to withstand changes in seasons and humidity, and that tonewood allows makes it more resistant to longer periods of playing.

  1. Sound and Quality

The guitar is unmatched when it comes to the level of quality it has to offer in terms of sound. The materials used to make this version enable an incredible response when played lightly. However, this does not mean in any sense that the guitar is only to be reserved for lower tones. In fact, it plays higher pitches, bass, mid and even treble with the same efficiency and zero treble. It is regarded as a perfectly balanced acoustic guitar, with an excellent sound quality.

  1. Playability

The Taylor 110CE Guitar has an incredible resonance and a balanced feel associated with it. Both of these are reflected in its sound quality. The positioning of this version is pretty easy, and the feel is smooth. Over all, the playing experience is quite enjoyable.